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Whole House Fans and Attic Fans in Sacramento

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Attic Fans

Attic Fans in Sacramento, CA

When you look at the words attic fan in Sacramento, your first reaction might be that there’s no need to cool down the attic because people rarely go into it. However, if you’ve ever gone up into your attic during a sunny summer day, you’ll discover it’s the hottest part of the house—and all that heat can reach into other parts of the building and raise the temperature. An attic fan is a cost-effective way to remove this heat and help to keep the rest of the house cooled down. It also protects roofing material.

Whole-house fans are a revolutionary invention towards eco-friendly products. The whole-house fan comes in different sizes and types, also it requires wiring the fan into your home’s electrical system. It is recommended to hire a professional to install it. With 4 decades of experience, [company_name] provides high-quality services at economical rates. Our technicians are highly skilled and provide high-quality services.

How Attic Fans Work

Attic fan by Crystal BlueTo stay cool during the hot and humid season in Sacramento, CA, a whole-house fan can be your ultimate solution. A whole-house fan is just like an attic fan but instead of only cooling the attic, as its name indicates, it provides ventilation for the whole house. A whole-house fan is installed between the ceiling of the attic and the living space. Its louvers can be closed when the fan is not in use. Whole-house fans can keep your home cool in the normal season and thus can save on costly air-conditioning bills.

Why Consider Having Attic Fans Installed

The main benefit of an attic fan in Sacramento is that it helps to reduce air conditioning costs. When an attic is superheated to 130° or higher, the heat will radiate into the surrounding areas, i.e. the living spaces of your house. Attic insulation helps to stop some of the heat, but an attic fan can do even more. You can enjoy temperatures in your house around 8°F cooler thanks to an attic fan, and that allows your AC to take longer breaks—and lower your bills.

The removal of moisture from the attic is another major benefit, and one that’s importance is often overlooked. Even on the driest days, moisture rises up through your home from cooking, bathing, and other activities, and gathers in the attic. This moisture build–up can lead to warping of roofing material and the development of dry rot. Putting in an attic fan is a way to protect your investment in your home.

We Work With QuietCool and Other Top Attic Fan Brands

quiet cool dealer badgeWe’re proud to work with all the best manufacturers of home comfort systems. Among the top brands for attic and whole–house fans, we recommend QuietCool. Although attic fans have been around since the 1950s, those original fans were often noisy and disruptive. Times have changed, however, and QuietCool is at the front of developing the best in attic fans that not only work quieter, but are also more effective and more efficient than ever. QuietCool fans are made in the USA and come with full 10–year warranties

Trusted Whole-House Fan Installation in Sacramento

A whole-house fan is somewhat similar to an attic fan but differs in functionality. A whole-house fan sucks the warmer air through the whole-house and creates a vacuum which helps to draw cool air in through the windows inside the house, while an attic fan only exhausts the hot air out of your attic space. The whole-house fan is a great investment for both your health and your comfort, and is very cost effective!

Whole-house fans can be beneficial in many ways.

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly appliance
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Functions quietly if installed properly
  • Removal of odors, allergens, pet dander and dust

Schedule Attic Fan Service in Sacramento, CA

The whole-house fan comes in different models and you can choose it based on your house size requirement. A whole-house fan can work at its best if installed properly. To get the best results, get it installed by our team of professional technicians.

[company_name] has been providing matchless services like heating and cooling since 1981 in Sacramento and nearby areas. Reliability, dependability, honesty and integrity are our core values. We are voted locally best company. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our technicians are NATE-certified. They are skilled and punctual. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We offer special coupons from time to time on our website. We also offer flexible financing upon approved credit through Service Finance, Greensky and Wells Fargo.

If you are interested a whole-house fan for your home, please contact our team today!

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