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Rooter Drain Service Repair

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Rooter Drain Service Repair

Rooter & Drain Service and Repairs in Sacramento, CA

Do you have clogged or slow drains in your home? Stop before you reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner! There’s a better, safer way to have your drains unclogged: call on our professional plumbers! We’re experts at rooter and drain service and other types of drain repair. We even have our own “rooter division”  to help out with major drain troubles.

Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air started in business in 1976 in Sacramento, CA. We’ve dedicated ourselves to serving our customers with integrity and the highest quality service. It’s our goal to make each customer a customer for life. For your drain repairs and other plumbing jobs, you can rely on our plumbers and their advanced tools.

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Trust our rooter division with your rooter and drain service and other repairs. We deliver “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

Why You Need Professional Plumbers for Drain Service

What is the first method you think of when it comes to fixing a clogged drain or toilet? Probably a sink or toilet plunger. There’s nothing wrong with using this tool as a first step. But if it doesn’t remedy the problem, don’t turn to using chemical drain cleaners. These “solutions” can actually cause you bigger problems, including corrosion in the pipes. They’re also highly toxic and not something you want in your house.

The best fix for drain troubles is a team of licensed plumbers. We have a special “rooter division” that knows how to deal with clogged drains and other types of drain services. We’ll go beyond what you expect from a plumber to see that the problem is solved at the root—and you won’t have to call for help again only a few days later.

Tackling Drain Repairs

Our team is familiar with the many ways drains can become clogged or turn into hassles. For example, one of the most common trouble areas for drains is in the house trap, also known as the p–trap. This is the curved section of pipe underneath the drain. It traps water to prevent sewer gas from coming back up the drain. But it’s also a spot where hair, soap scum, and other objects can get caught. When a plunger won’t break through a p–trap obstruction, let us use powerful rooters to get through.

We can see that all the drain repairs you need, wherever they are in your home, are fixed without damaging the plumbing the way chemical drain cleaners can. We do each job thoroughly so the clogging doesn’t start up again after we leave.

The Rooter and Drain Services You Need in Sacramento, CA

On every job we do for your plumbing, our top priorities are to protect your house and see that you are completely satisfied with our work. No matter if you need a sink p–trap cleaned out, a toilet unclogged, or work on your sink and shower drains, we’ll get the job done right using the best possible tools. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air isn’t just here for drain repairs today: we want to see you have long–term solutions for better plumbing.

Trust our rooter division with your rooter and drain service and other repairs. We deliver “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

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