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Dehumidifier & Humidifiers

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Sacramento, CA

Humidity is the level of moisture in the air. Even in the driest conditions, there’s always some amount of water vapor—and sometimes there is too much. Everyone knows the saying “It’s not so much the heat as it’s the humidity.” High humidity can make hot days even harder to endure. Dry conditions, however, offer their own set of problems. You don’t want either too much or too little humidity in your home, and the best way to ensure a balance is to work with indoor air quality specialists about humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

At Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air we install and service both whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Whether you’re looking for the best humidifier to install in your home or you need dehumidifier repair for your current system, you can entrust the work to us. We’re reliable, trustworthy, and place customer service first. That’s why our motto is “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!” We serve Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.

How the Best Dehumidifier Helps Your Home

Let’s take a look first at the troubles with high humidity:

  • It makes hot weather feel hotter. Once the relative humidity level rises to 60% or above, it will make it more difficult for the body to release heat through perspiration, and that makes the temperature feel as if it’s 8–10°F warmer. You’ll have to run the AC at times you normally wouldn’t just to provide comfort.
  • The high moisture levels can cause damage to a house, creating wood rot and mildew that eats through drywall.
  • High humidity makes it easier for mold to begin to grow, which can create health risks because of toxic mold spores.

A whole–house humidifier works in a similar fashion to an air conditioner, removing moisture from the air traveling through the ductwork (although it won’t interfere with the AC’s operation). With balanced humidity—between 30% and 50%—you’ll enjoy better comfort, health, and a reduce need for the AC.

The Benefits of the Best Humidifier Working in Your House

Sacramento, CA can suffer from dry conditions in summer and winter. Dry air creates its own set of problems. One of them is that it adds an unpleasant edge to cooler weather. This is the reverse of a humid day: low moisture in the air allows heat to escape from the body too fast. Winter days are much easier to manage—and heating bills kept low—when the humidity is raised above at least 30%.

Dry air is also a health problem. It not only makes skin feel dry and causes eyes, nose, and throat irritation, but it can make it easier for illnesses to spread. When the mucus membranes and sinuses in the human body are dry, it takes away an important defense against colds and flus.

Dehumidifier and Humidifier Services to Balance Your Air

Humidity levels in a home are all about balance. You want the moisture levels in a comfortable and healthy region between dry and muggy. You can only hope to achieve this with professional service to install a whole–house humidifier or dehumidifier. Our HVAC professionals are experienced with servicing these devices, including humidifier and dehumidifier repair.

Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air isn’t only here to offer you fast fixes when an HVAC appliance fails. We’re here to provide long–term solutions that will make you into a customer for life in Sacramento, CA.

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