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Duct Replacement & Repair in Sacramento, CA

    Duct Repair and Replacement in Sacramento, CA

    The ventilation system in a home is one of the unsung heroes of household comfort. Why is it unsung? Because you can’t see most of it: it moves behind drywall and through the ceilings and the attic, carrying cooled and heated air from the central comfort system and distributing it through the rooms. Unfortunately, the ducts aren’t invincible just because they’re hidden from sight. Damage to ducts is common—and presents a number of major problems for energy use and home comfort.

    Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is an HVAC contractor serving Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. We take the “V” in HVAC (ventilation) as seriously as the other letters. Our experts specialize in duct repair and duct replacement to help homes enjoy the best climate control and energy savings possible. We aren’t only here to fix problems—we’re here to offer long-term solutions! Our motto is: “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

    Why Ducts Become Damaged

    People often ignore signs of leaky or damaged ducts because they assume there’s nothing that can negatively affect them. But nothing could be further from the truth. Humidity inside the ducts can lead to corrosion, construction work often misaligns them, and rises in air pressure due to blocked vents often creates leaks.

    Ducts in many homes were also poorly installed in the first place, and this causes them to wear down rapidly and eventually need repairs or replacement. Never assume your ducts will always be in good shape!

    Signs You Need Duct Repair or Replacement Service

    “How will I know my ducts need help if I can’t see them?” Good question. Below are warning signs to watch for:

    • A rise in heating and cooling bills: Even small leaks along ducts can end up allowing 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system to escape. You pay to heat/cool that air—and then it goes to waste. If you see an unexplained rise in your energy bills during summer and winter, bad ducts may be the trouble.
    • Rattling sounds: When the AC or heater comes on, do you hear an unusual rattling sound coming from the vents? This often means part of the ductwork has come loose and needs to be fixed.
    • Musty odors from the vents: Because breached ducts will open up in places like the attic and between the walls, it often leads to musty air getting into the ventilation system. A strange smell from the vents is always a reason to call for HVAC technicians.

    Professional Sacramento Ductwork

    No, you can’t fix busted and leaking ducts using duct tape. That’s not what duct tape is actually for. (It’s a long story, but basically duck tape became corrupted into duct tape.) You must have professionals to tackle the task of locating the damaged ductwork, deciding the action necessary to fix it, and then perform the actual work.

    No matter if you only need sealing for a few leaks or a replacement for an entire section of the ducts, you can depend on Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ve earned a reputation in Sacramento, CA as a friendly, trustworthy, and reliable duct services contractor.

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