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Backflow Prevention in Sacramento, CA

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Backflow Prevention in Sacramento, CA

Backflow Prevention in Sacramento, CA

Backflow is something that can occur in the cross-connections of plumbing where the waste water system and the freshwater system meet. If you’re a homeowner, the only cross-connections in your home will usually be in the laundry and dishwashing machines. Commercial building, however, have extensive cross-connections. Where these cross-connections exist, there’s a danger of backflow: a situation where the freshwater system for the building and possibly other buildings in the area can become contaminated with bacteria and harmful microbes from sewage water.

To stop this from occurring, buildings have a backflow prevention device in place. The backflow preventer assembly must have routine checks from locally certified technicians to ensure they’re working correctly. If they aren’t, it’s up to you to contact plumbers who can rectify the situation with a new backflow preventer. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air offers service to install backflow prevention devices. We’ll see your business is up to code or your home protected. In Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas, we offer “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

What a Backflow Prevention Device Does

Backflow occurs when there’s either a drop of pressure in the freshwater side of a plumbing system or an increase in pressure on the wastewater side. Either situation will cause the wastewater to move through the cross–connection and enter into the potable water supply, causing contamination that can affect the water supply. The most likely cause for backflow to occur is a loss of pressure in the freshwater side because of fire sprinklers or the fire department placing a huge demand on the freshwater supply.

A backflow prevention device has a check valve in it that closes in situations where water attempts to flow the wrong direction, i.e. wastewater moving into the freshwater pipes. It doesn’t matter the cause of the backflow, the backflow preventer’s valve will automatically shut to prevent contamination.

Do I Have a Backflow Preventer in Place?

You may not know if you have a backflow prevention device installed. Most homes don’t have one because air gaps can take care of stopping backflow in a dishwasher or laundry machine, which are the only cross–connections in the plumbing.

If you do have a backflow preventer installed, you’ll receive notice from the utility company when it’s time to schedule testing with a certified organization. If you own a commercial property, your backflow preventer is a larger assembly usually located outside the building; you’ll also receive notification when it’s time to have it tested.

We Offer Backflow Prevention Installation in Sacramento, CA

If your backflow preventer has recently failed a test, or you’re opening a new commercial building, you’ll need the services of a professional plumber to install a new backflow prevention device. This is where you can depend on our team at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air.

We’re experienced working with the plumbing for commercial and residential buildings, and our #1 priority is to see you have the best service possible. We want to protect your business or your home. All of our technicians are professionally trained, reliable, and focused on customer service. Contact us when you need plumbing assistance in Sacramento, CA or the surrounding areas.

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