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Water Softener Installation in Sacramento, CA

    Sacramento Water Softener Services

    A frequent issue with water quality in homes is the presence of hard water. You’ve probably heard about hard water without understanding exactly what it is and why it’s bad news for a home. It isn’t a health issue—at least not for the health of you and your family. But it is a health issue for your home’s plumbing, leading to everything from clogs and high water pressure to a broken water heater. It also creates inconveniences that make it hard to keep yourself and your clothes clean.

    Many homes rely on water softeners to deal with this problem. If you think your home has hard water tribulations, the best route to fixing the problem is to call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air and arrange to have a water softener system installed. Our plumbers offer many different water treatment services for the Sacramento, CA, area. It’s our goal to see you receive the service you deserve, “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

    The Problems with Hard Water

    What is hard water? It’s water with a higher-than-usual concentration of minerals (magnesium, gypsum, calcium) suspended in it. This isn’t toxic for humans to drink, unless in massive quantities. But it leaves behind limescale in the plumbing and causes other noticeable trouble throughout a house.

    For example, if you find it’s hard to work up a decent lather of soap when you’re doing the dishes or washing outdoor furniture, or you detect a film across your skin after bathing and showering, it’s likely this is coming from hard water. Now imagine what’s going on inside the pipes and fixtures: limescale and calcite deposits creating a layer of build-up along the inside of pipes and interfering with the workings of the water heater. Hard water will cause a rise in water pressure, leaking pipes, a higher number of clogs, and damage to water-using fixtures—especially the water heater.

    Having a Whole–House Water Softener Installed

    A water softener system counteracts hard water minerals. It doesn’t actually remove them; instead, it places sodium ions into the water that binds to the hard water ions and “softens” them. Sodium beads in the water softener are responsible for making this work.

    It’s vital that you have professionals take care of putting in a water softener. There’s a risk a softener could place too much sodium into the water, which creates its own set of problems. Even with professional installation, a water softener may need to be paired with a reverse osmosis system to maintain the proper balance of sodium in the water supply.

    Call Us for Water Softener Solutions in Sacramento, CA

    The signs of hard water are easy to detect once you start to look for them. When you notice them, it’s time to contact Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. We’ll test your water to measure its hardness (as well as other alkalinity, acidity, and the presence of harmful heavy metals and pesticides) to determine the best way to solve the trouble with hard water.

    Once your water softener is in place, you can rely on us for any follow–up services, such as maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Make us your source for all your plumbing needs in Sacramento, CA, and we’ll see that you become a customer for life!

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