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Water Testing

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Water Testing

Water Testing in Sacramento, CA

Do you know what’s in your water? Aside from hydrogen and oxygen? You may be unpleasantly surprised. Water piped from the municipal system to homes and businesses goes through water treatment plants, but groundwater seepage can lead to pollutants entering the freshwater pipes. Corrosion in the pipes themselves can also create contaminants. Homes that take their water from wells are at an even higher risk of pollutants from groundwater, since this water never passes through a municipal treatment plant in the first place.

We recommend you schedule water testing with Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air, even if you don’t have reason to suspect you have impurities in your water. Water quality testing will show if you have issues with your water that should be addressed—and how to address them. You can count on us for this service in Sacramento, CA: our number one priority is protecting your house and the people in it. We have over four decades of experience delivering “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

What Water Quality Testing Can Tell You

When you arrange for drinking water testing with our team, we’ll come to your house and take water samples from different places. The samples go to a lab where they’re run through a battery of tests. Around a week later, we’ll return with a rundown on what’s in your water.

These tests can inform you if your water’s pH balance leans toward high acidity or high alkalinity. You don’t want either extreme. The test will also determine your water’s hardness, i.e. how much magnesium and calcium is in it. The tests detect contaminant issues, such as the presence of hard metals, nitrates, sulfurous oxide, pesticides, and bacteria. This breakdown of the quality of your water is a guide toward finding what water treatment system will help purify it.

Well Water Testing Is Essential

If you do not draw water from the municipal system but from a ground well, then regular water testing is a vital service. We recommend arranging for testing every year, since the ground seepage and nearby industrial or agricultural activity can lead to new contaminants entering the water supply. To protect your health and the health of your family, well water testing will tell you what type of water treatment system you need to purify the water before it enters your household plumbing.

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You may want to schedule water quality testing because you have suspicions about impurities in your water: perhaps a metallic taste, an unpleasant smell, or signs of hard water. However, if you’ve never tested your water before, it’s a wise idea to have it done: many water contaminants won’t show immediate signs but will still affect your health. We’ll handle the drinking water testing that will show you the best way forward when it comes to better water quality.

Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air installs many types of water treatment systems in Sacramento, CA. You can rely on us for honest answers and great service. We abide by a strict code of ethics to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s how we’ve built up such a sterling reputation in the area over the last 40+ years.

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