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Main Water Line

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Main Water Line

Main Water Line Services in Sacramento, CA

The water main is an essential part of the plumbing for a home. Yes, most apparatus, pipes, and fixtures that make up a household plumbing system are essential. But without the water main to bring water to the house in the first place—well, nothing else in the plumbing will matter at all.

Water lines are built to be durable and last for decades. Of course, they aren’t invincible. A number of factors, such as chemicals in the water, tree–root growth, and earthquakes can inflict serious damage to a water line and require it either to have repairs or full water replacement service. These are large tasks requiring skilled plumbers. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air has those plumbers on staff, ready to assist you with your main water line repair or other job. We serve Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas and are proud to offer “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!”

How to Tell You Need Service for Your Main Water Line

The water line is buried under your property in a trench. Because you can’t see the pipeline, signs of breaks and leaks won’t be immediately obvious. But if you catch early warning, you should be able to have the line repaired before the situation worsens.

  • Low water pressure: Low water pressure around the house may be a municipal issue. If it continues, however, we recommend calling our plumbers to find out the cause and if it’s the fault of the main line.
  • Discoloration: If you notice rusty discoloration in your water—the type you often associate with what the water looks like after your return from a long vacation—it could be dirt and soil entering through a break in the pipeline.
  • Damp spots on your property: Water pools appearing on your lawn or in your garden that aren’t from sprinklers or rain can mean water is seeping up from below, i.e. the water line.

Main Water Line Replacement

There are times when standard repairs for a water main will not do the job. That is when it’s time for a “water replacement,” i.e. putting in a new water main pipeline. We advise this for older homes that have a galvanized steel or iron pipeline, which are materials prone to corrosion. We can use trenchless technology to replace the water line with minimum disruption.

By the way—and this is a question we often receive—the water line is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the utility company. From the point where the water line passes beneath your property line to where it connects to the house is a stretch of pipe that you must attend to yourself. (Well, attend to yourself by calling on pros!)

Main Water Line Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

Although many plumbing contractors in the Sacramento, CA area offer main water line repair and replacement, not everyone uses the tools we do at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air. Our trenchless technology saves time and money and leaves your property looking as good as it did before. We also understand that a large job such as water line replacement can be stressful for you, so we aim to see you receive the best customer experience. We’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction on every job we handle.

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