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Commercial Air Conditioning in Sacramento, CA

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Commercial Air Conditioning in Sacramento, CA

Commercial Air Conditioning in Sacramento, CA

Commercial AC Temperatures in the Sacramento Area soar during the summer, climbing into the 90s on a regular basis. It isn’t only summer when we have to deal with heat, however. Warm days and heat waves can appear during other months. So when it comes to taking care of the cooling needs of your business, the best advice comes—as it always does—from Shakespeare: “The readiness is all.”

How can you be ready with commercial cooling? It’s not difficult: you only have to work with a respected and reliable commercial HVAC contractor in Sacramento, CA. A contractor with history and a dedication to customer service that goes above and beyond. You’ll find all of that when you work with Crystal Blue. Our slogan is “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!” This applies to all our commercial clients as well. When you need the best in commercial air conditioning services, we’re the people to contact.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

When you open a new commercial building or expand your current one, an early concern you’ll have is how to properly cool it down. This is necessary not only to provide the people inside with comfort when the intense heat arrives, but to protect equipment as well. Finding the right new commercial AC that will provide the cooling level necessary while also helping out the bottom line with energy savings is a job that we’re glad to handle.

We work with different types of commercial cooling systems, such as the popular rooftop unit. If you are expanding your business, we’ll find the right new modular air conditioning units to provide the additional cooling.

Looking for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

If your commercial AC begins to fail on a hot summer day, it’s a major emergency. We are here to come to your assistance whenever your commercial cooling is in jeopardy. We recommend you watch for early warning signs of something amiss with the cooling in your building so you can act before the problem is bad enough to affect comfort:

  • Certain rooms or zones in the building are warmer than they should be
  • Rattling or other strange noises are coming from the vents
  • Electrical bills are rising during hot weather more than they usually do
  • You’re hearing comfort complaints for employees, customers, tenants, etc.

Maintenance and More for Your Commercial AC in Sacramento, CA

Commercial AC repair and replacement by Crystal BlueThe best way to protect your investment in your commercial air conditioning system is to have the system routinely inspected and tuned–up. As with installations and repairs, this work must be left to experienced commercial HVAC technicians—not a building “handyman.” Regular maintenance helps to see your commercial air conditioning units operate at peak efficiency and experience a minimum amount of repairs. A well–maintained commercial HVAC system will provide you with a long service life.

Crystal Blue has been in business in Sacramento, CA since 1976. We know the comfort needs of commercial buildings in the area, making us ideally suited to handling whatever your building needs. All of our employees are focused on seeing that you receive the service you deserve.


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