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Gas Piping

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Gas Piping

Gas Piping Services in Sacramento, CA

When you meet somebody whose job is professional plumber, you probably imagine them working on water and sewage pipes, fixing showerheads and toilets, locating water leaks, etc. What you probably don’t think about is work on natural gas lines. But for many licensed plumbers, repairing and installing gas piping is as important a job as work with other types of plumbing. Many homes depend on natural gas for power to appliances like heaters and ovens, and the pipes transporting that gas must be in excellent shape.

You only want licensed and insured plumbers working on your household plumbing. And in the case of natural gas piping, you’re often legally required to have licensed and insured plumbers. It’s an issue of safety. Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air has plumbers trained and certified to work with natural gas piping, gas lines, and gas pipes. We’ll protect your family’s safety, keep your appliances working—because your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact us for plumbing service in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of New Gas Line Installation

If your home has a connection to a natural gas line, you’re using one of the best energy sources in the country. Natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity, propane, and other heating oils. It burns cleanly, producing few emissions, and it’s a domestically produced energy source. It offers convenience because it comes directly to homes through municipal piping. Natural gas–using appliances are often more powerful than electrical equivalents. This is especially true for furnaces and boilers, but any chef will tell you how much easier it is to cook with a gas range than an electric one.

We recommend installing new gas lines to help you get the most use from the natural gas in your home. You may also need older lines replaced: copper lines can potentially suffer from types of corrosion leading to leaks. We can install new flexible gas piping as a replacement.

Only Professionals Must Work on Natural Gas Piping

The pipes carrying natural gas from the gas main to the various appliances in a house can be flexible gas lines or copper lines. No matter what material they’re made from, it’s vital that no one except a licensed professional works on them: repairing, installing new pipes, making inspections, etc. Natural gas in a home usually offers no dangers as long as skilled professionals handle the pipes and the appliances.

Natural gas leaks can present major combustion hazards and exposure to toxic gas, which is why in most jurisdictions it’s illegal for anyone without proper certification to work on a gas line or appliance hooked up to a gas main. Never take chances: let our gas piping plumbers handle the job.

The Plumbers for Your Gas Pipe Needs

You never have to look far if you live in Sacramento or the surrounding areas to find licensed plumbers for gas pipe service. We’re licensed and insured, and it’s our goal to ensure each customer receives the service they deserve. It’s this level of service that has made us a success as a family–owned and operated business for over 40 years. We live by our motto: “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be!” Rely on us in Sacramento, CA when you need gas piping service or any other household plumbing work.

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