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Air Conditioning Installation in Sacramento, CA

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Air Conditioning Installation in Sacramento, CA

AC Installation in Sacramento, CA

AC installation When the summer temperatures rise, would you rather face the heat with a fan and open windows, a few window units, or a central AC system? The answer is straightforward: a professionally installed central AC system in Sacramento provides the powerful and even cooling necessary to make those scorching summers relaxing indoors. A central AC can help save energy as well—provided it receives the best possible air conditioning installation from our experts.

When you are looking for a new air conditioning system installation, make a beeline to the Sacramento HVAC contractor with a history of quality and a reputation for exceptional customer service. Crystal Blue has been in business since 1976, and our technicians are skilled and they aim to deliver the best possible experience on every job.

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Signs That You Need An Air Conditioner Replacement

If you notice any of these warnings, these may be signs you need a Sacramento air conditioner replacement. Our technicians can help find the best solution for a new air conditioning system.

  • Weird noises
  • Ice on the evaporator coil
  • Uneven cooling
  • Start–stop start–stop compressor
  • Tripped circuit breaker

Expert Sacramento Air Conditioning Installation

Now that you’re in the market for the AC installation in Sacramento, what type is the best for your house? The number of options available is more extensive than it once was, and we can help you locate the ideal cooling for your situation. Here are some of the choices:

  • Central AC SystemThis is the familiar split system AC that many homes use. The new high–efficiency models can provide a household with a new level of savings old models couldn’t offer.
  • Ductless Mini Splits: If you didn’t think your vintage home without space for ducts could enjoy the power of central cooling, meet the ductless mini split! An outdoor condenser attaches to 4 to 8 indoor units that put cool air directly into the living spaces.
  • Evaporative CoolersBreak away from using a refrigerant–based system entirely and instead use the power of water to cool your household. Evaporative coolers aren’t right for all homes, but where they ­are right, they provide immense energy savings.
  • Heat Pumps: What if you want new heating along with new cooling? A heat pump takes air conditioning technology and lets you run it backwards so you can heat and cool your home.

Why Professionals Are Necessary for an AC Installation Near You

We hope that the sheer size of the project of putting in a new air conditioner, whether a large central AC system or a small ductless one, makes you reluctant to tackle it as a DIY adventure. Aside from the extent of the work, it takes expert knowledge from licensed HVAC technicians to correctly size a new unit so it properly cools a home without becoming an energy waster. Too big is as bad as too small! When professionals put in your new air conditioner, the work will be done right every step of the way and be finished in no time at all. You can then enjoy years of cooling with few troubles.

Trane AC installation by Crystal BlueAC Installation and Much More in Sacramento

Crystal Blue is the HVAC contractor who can see that all your home cooling needs are met: we’ll install your air conditioner, but we’ll also be there for its annual AC tune-up and inspection and for whenever your cooling system needs repairs to get it back into it best shape. Our commitment to customer service in Sacramento, CA means we provide more than “repairs today.” We want to take care of your tomorrow as well. Contact us when you need a great AC or a new heating system. We are also the area’s only TRANE dealer. We are TRANE certified comfort specialists. Click here to learn why choosing TRANE will benefit you.

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