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Whole-House Fans

Whole-House Fan Services in Sacramento, CA

You can use a fan to help you keep cool during hot weather: the movement of air over your skin helps to remove the heat envelope around your body, which makes you feel cooler. But what if you could have a giant fan that worked for the entire house? Instead of just creating a breeze to help cool you down, the fan expels heated air out of the home and allows cooler air in. This type of device exists, and it’s appropriately called a whole-house fan.

whole house fans by Crystal Blue

With professionals to install a whole-house fan, you can provide cooler conditions for your home without having to always rely on the central air conditioner. To find out if a whole-house fan is a good match for your home, contact Crystal Blue. We install, replace, and repair whole-house fans. “Customer service the way it used to be!”

What Does a Whole–House Fan Do?

A whole–house fan is different than an attic fan (which we also work with), which is placed in the attic to specifically cool down the space and prevent the heat from entering the rest of the house. A whole–house fan is also installed in the attic, but its purpose is to lower the temperature of the rest of the house by drawing air up through the building and exhausting it through the roof.

What occurs when the air is drawn out of the house this way is that it creates a vacuum in the house that causes outdoor air to come through open windows. This causes a more rapid air–change rate, improving ventilation as well as helping to cool the house.

The Benefits of a Whole–House Fan Installation

If used correctly, a whole–house fan can be used in place of a standard air conditioner. You’ll still need to have an AC for hotter days, but a whole–house fan can serve as a substitute under some conditions. They work best during early evenings when your house is still stuffy from the heat of the day but the temperature outdoors is starting to fall.

The whole–house fan expels the trapped heat and forces the cooler air to move in. Because a whole–house fan uses less energy than an air conditioner (it doesn’t need to power a compressor), you’ll save money on cooling bills. A whole–house fan also helps with ventilation, bringing in fresh air while expelling dusty and contaminated air. These fans work quietly to help create a pleasant environment.

QuietCool Offers Great Whole–House Fan Performance

If you want to have the best brand for your whole–house fan installation, we recommend going with QuietCool. The name says it all: you won’t have a noisy, disruptive whole–house fan to provide you with extra comfort. QuietCool takes away the “helicopter taking off” sound that often comes with these powerful fans and instead offers you tranquility along with effective and energy–efficient performance.

Our technicians work with all brands, but we think you’ll agree that a QuietCool model is one of your best options.

Contact Us for Whole–House Fan Service in Sacramento

You cannot install a whole–house fan on your own or have an amateur do it. A professional must handle the job of measuring the attic, putting in whatever new vents are required, and safely wiring the fan into the home’s electrical system. Our technicians have the experience and tools necessary to tackle the work. And if you have repair needs for your whole–house fan, we’re ready to help you out.

Crystal Blue has served Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas since 1976. We aren’t only a company you can call for repairs when they come up: we’re dedicated to forming lasting relationships with customers. We abide by a strict code of ethics, and you can always count on us for honesty and customer satisfaction.

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