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10 Common Furnace Problems

10 Common Furnace Problems

The best way to avoid furnace problems is to ensure it has regular maintenance checks.  Giving your family the security of a safe home (particularly during the cold season) requires an effective and dutiable working furnace.  With this in mind, it is good to know if there are furnace problems which only a professional can diagnose.  

You can expect a well operating system to be calm, noise free and make your environment safe.  It will also circulate heat properly. Heat thoroughly penetrating to every room during the cold season. You will also be comfortable because the house is warm and cozy. You will have regulated heat and no need to worry if the blower is expelling cool air. You can feel secure not worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.  An old system lets you down in many ways by not keeping your home warm, driving up the cost of your utility bill, and may even negatively affect the quality of your air.10 Common Furnace Problems

Read below to find out 10 common furnace problems and how to successfully maintain the life and functionality of your furnace:

1. Strange noises

If your furnace is making unusual sounds like rattling, popping or squeaking this is a sure sign that something definitely isn’t right.  The belts in the mechanical section of the heating compartment may need looking over.  If they are loose, replace them immediately.  Loose belts are a dangerous sign in any furnace.  If noises continue call an HVAC expert to look it over.

2. The furnace refuses to heat

Don’t be alarmed if this happens.  Finding out why is simple enough.  The first items to check are the fuse, the main electrical panel, or other subpanels in the furnace.  It may be the case  that the circuit breaker tripped, in which case you can always turn it off then on again to reset it.

3. Over Cycling

Cycling over and over while in the off on transition could mean a clogged filter, poor airflow or improper thermostat modes.

4. The blower is always running

If you can always hear your blower the limit switch is malfunctioning.  A professional would have to replace it.

5. The pilot light is bad

The pilot light indicates that carbon monoxide is leaking out. Always check to see what color it is.  If the color is any other than blue – yellow, green, red, etc. – this means the combustion is not at its peak.  It could also mean the components are blocked or have a malfunctioning electrical element.

6. Switching the furnace on does no good 

In a case like this, don’t forget to check the ignition.  If the ignition goes out the furnace won’t percolate properly.  The ignition is what sparks the heat. If that fails call a professional.

7. Bad air from a dirty filter

When the filter is clogged the airflow is limited and over works the furnace.  Dirty filters also cause the limit switch – which controls the fan – to malfunction.

8. Thermostat not working

A faulty thermostat can cause problems with the fan or comfort level.  The thermostat is the heart of a furnace. If this isn’t serviced regularly it shortens the lifespan of the furnace.

9. Basic wear and tear

Average wear and tear could restrict the mechanisms of your thermostat and that causes number 10

10. Higher monthly bills.

You can expect several great benefits from upgrading or purchasing a new system.  Self maintenance may be good, but getting a professional consultant or upgrading your system is even better.

If you are considering purchasing a new furnace find out what type of system will benefit you most.  Fuel types give you a choice of gas, electric or oil operated furnaces.  Also consider pure air.  Consider whether your new furnace will keep your air clean when selecting your type.  Ask the technician to review your present systems air ducts and filters. The cost is also an important factor. If you definitely plan to purchase a new furnace be sure to get the best model you can afford.  A good furnace is one that saves you money, yet works effectively and uses less energy.  Also, be sure to check the warranty. A new system’s warranty will not pay for labor costs.  Also consider rebates and rewards that come with a new purchase.

Having a good furnace means you can be confident that this silent killer isn’t permeating the house. It also means peace of mind because it won’t give out on you when you are not home.  You will feel good coming home to a comfortable house.  A clean furnace also means clean air.  Your home will be free of harmful airborne pathogens that cause viruses or allergic reactions. Dependability comes from knowing the thermostat is regulated and the temperature in your home is ideal. Ensuring your furnace is working effectively is an economic step towards not worrying about high monthly bills.

If you have furnace problems, then don’t wait around and get stuck in the cold. Schedule service with Crystal Blue today!