The Benefits of Central AC in California

The Benefits of Central AC in California

Summer may be a good while away, but it’s still a good idea to think about your needs for the summer. Even in New England, they’ve had record-breaking heat in recent years. Because of this, it might be time to make the jump to central AC in California. Installing central AC in your home can greatly improve your comfort this summer. If you call Crystal Blue to install your central AC, we’ll get the job done quickly, correctly, and at an affordable price.


Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait for summer to switch to central air conditioning:


  1. Better efficiency. Central air has made some big jumps in efficiency in recent years. If not managed properly, central air can waste a lot of money on unnecessary cooling. However, there are now all sorts of features like smart thermostats, zoning capabilities, and ductless central AC systems out now. These can all cut back on energy waste, especially when the system is running while no one’s home.
  2. Straightforward maintenance. Central air maintenance is fairly basic. All you need to do is give it an annual inspection from a professional. If you give it regular maintenance, the average central air system can last ten to fifteen years. After that, you’re likely better off getting a new system to avoid costly repairs and to make use of more efficient AC technology.
  3. House-wide cooling. One of the most obvious advantages to a central air system is the fact that it can cool your entire house with one unit. While some people may be able to have adequate cooling with one or two window units, any more than that and the bills may become too much. If you plan to stay in your current home for several years, central air is likely your best option.
  4. Much quieter. Your average window air conditioner makes a great deal of noise when operating. This can be annoying during the day and make it hard to sleep at night. Central AC units are much quieter in comparison.
  5. More space inside. Instead of being stuck in your window, the central system for your central air is located by the side of your house. This can help you save on space indoors and keep your house looking modern. No more awkward-looking ACs sticking out of your window!


Why should I choose Crystal Blue Plumbing to install my central AC in California?


For over 40 years, Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air has assisted California homeowners with their plumbing, heating, and cooling. Since 1976, we’ve remained committed to integrity and honesty. We can back up our professionals’ skills with our history of excellence, which includes several awards, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and membership with several chambers of commerce.

Call Crystal Blue today to learn more about how central AC can keep you cool this summer!

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5 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning

5 Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning

Like any area of your home, drains can fall into disrepair and need some attention. Whether its loose hairs, food debris, or dried cleaning products, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with drains clogging. You may try store-bought drain cleaners as a way to clear your drains before calling a plumber. These chemical cleaners are a temporary fix that never truly fixes the root of the problem. Luckily, you can call Crystal Blue to help alleviate your drain clogs and perform a professional drain cleaning. But how do you know when the problem has gone beyond a slightly sluggish drain and into a need for a plumber’s help?


Here are five signs that you need professional drain cleaning:


  1. Slow draining. When it comes to clogged drains, one of the easiest signs to notice is slower drainage. Is your sink or bathtub draining slower than it normally does, if at all? Is your washing machine or dishwasher still have a lot of water in it after a cycle? As well as being an inconvenience, this is a sign of a blockage somewhere in your pipes. A professional drain cleaning will release the clogs in your drains and allow water to easily flow through your pipes.
  2. Backed up drains. When drains need cleaning, sometimes water that should have been drained will come back up. You might have gurgling toilets or standing water in your sink. If water is going back up the drain, it’s a sign that it should be cleaned.
  3. Sewage smells. One of the more unpleasant and noticeable signs of a clogged drain is the smell of sewage. When drains are clogged, anything that goes down into the drain will build up and rot in the lines. This can become even more noticeable and disgusting if you live in a warmer area. If you smell sewage in your home, it’s a good idea to act quickly.
  4. Fruit and drain flies. When waste and other sewage starts building up in your drain, it’ll start to attract flies. Fruit flies like the smell, and can be a health risk when they get into your kitchen and food. Meanwhile, the aptly named drain fly (also known as sewer or filter fly) likes to breed in septic tanks, sewers, and clogged drains. If you start noticing lots of flies, you’ll definitely want to start cleaning your drain.
  5. Strange noises. If your drains are clogged, they may start making some odd noises. When drains get clogged, the water may be forced to go through small spaces or change course. This can result in strange gurgling or bubbling noises.


Why should I call Crystal Blue for my plumbing needs?


Crystal Blue has served the Sacramento area for more than 40 years. Our family-owned and operated business provides high-quality HVAC and plumbing while providing a commitment to integrity and honesty. Don’t take our word for it! We’ve been voted Best of the Best for Plumbing and HVAC Services from 2012 to 2016. Call Crystal Blue today for any of your heating, cooling, or plumbing needs!