AC Not Cooling? Here are 11 Reasons Why

AC Not Cooling? Here are 11 Reasons Why

As a Sacramento homeowner, you rely on your air conditioning system to keep your family comfortable during the summer. When the AC isn’t working right, it’s one of the most frustrating household issues. There are many possible reasons why your air conditioning system isn’t cooling. Here are the 11 most common issues that cause an AC system to not cool your home.

1. Outdoor Air Coming Inside

You expect some of the warm air from outside to come into your home when you open the doors and windows, but what if you always keep your doors and windows closed? One of the least obvious reasons that a residential AC system doesn’t cool properly is those tiny little cracks in the door and window frames. Even that small little space at the bottom of your exterior doors allows warm air to come inside. You can reduce the amount of warm air that comes into your home during the summer by sealing the frames of the doors and windows. You can find special caulk for the job at your local hardware or home improvement store.

2. Bad Fan Motor

The fan of your AC system is what moves the air that is cooled and then redistributed through the vents. You can determine if your fan motor is potentially keeping your home from cooling down by checking the amount of air coming out of the vents. You should feel a good, steady stream of air. If you feel little to no airflow, the fan motor may be the issue. Call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating, & Air to schedule a repair appointment with one of our expert technicians.

3. Clogged or Dirty Filters

The filters of your AC system trap small airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. Like any type of filter, the longer the filter is in your HVAC system, the more particles accumulate in the fibers. If your home is not being cooled down enough by your air conditioner, check the filters. If they are even slightly discolored, replace them, and see if that fixes the problem. At a minimum, you should change your filters every six months. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging to see if the filter needs to be replaced more often. There are circumstances in which we recommend changing the filters more often, such as for households who have smokers, several pets, children, the elderly or a person with a chronic health condition.

4. Blocked Vents

If your vents are blocked or closed, your AC system will not cool your home as efficiently. Check to make sure that the vents are not blocked from the inside. Sometimes debris can get inside the ducts and block the vent openings. If you close vents in your home to reduce energy costs or fix a cold spot, you are making your AC work harder to cool your home less. A better way to address cold spots is to install a zone system or a separate thermostat for the part of your home that feels too cold.

5. AC Unit Is Too Small

If you have built an addition to your home or remodeled, your current air conditioner may no longer be able to do the job of keeping your family comfortable during the summer. In fact, if the AC unit is too small and you keep running it longer, you risk damaging the unit. The experts at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating, & Air can help you find a new cooling system that’s a better fit for your home and budget.

6. Compressor Problems

The compressor of your air conditioner is essential for proper cooling. It works by circulating refrigerant through a series of coils. When air passes over the coils, it is cooled through the heat exchange process. When the compressor stops working properly, your entire cooling system is unable to work. Having a broken compressor does not necessarily mean that the entire unit needs to be replaced, Sometimes, only a small part needs to be replaced, such as a capacitor. In these cases, we recommend that Sacramento homeowners contact us to schedule a time for one of our technicians to troubleshoot the problem.

7. Residual Heat From Appliances

Have you noticed that your AC doesn’t work as well at the same time of day as when you cook, do laundry, or use the dishwasher? This is not a coincidence. Large appliances generate residual heat that disperses throughout your home, and your AC system may not be able to maintain the desired temperature. We recommend that, on the hottest days of the summer, you avoid or minimize the amount of use for these types of appliances.

8. Low Refrigerant Level

Most modern AC systems are designed to prevent the refrigerant from escaping the coils. As such, the refrigerant typically does not need to be checked, but accidents do happen. Review the documentation from the manufacturer to learn how to check the refrigerant level, or you can call us to schedule a time with one of our technicians.

9. Broken Thermostat

Perhaps your thermostat is broken, and this is why it does not feel comfortable inside your home. Even if the thermostat triggers the AC on and off, it doesn’t mean that the thermostat is reading the interior temperature correctly. It may be turning off the AC prematurely. Replacing a thermostat is a quick, simple job that you can do on your own. Alternatively, we are happy to help.

10. Heat Exchange from Windows

When sunlight comes through your windows, it warms the air in the immediate area. If you have plenty of natural light in your home, this may be why it feels like your AC isn’t working. You can test this by closing the blinds and curtains during the day. If your home feels cooler and more comfortable, sunlight is the issue. You may want to keep the blinds and curtains closed when direct sunlight comes into a room, and then open them once you only have indirect sunlight.

11. Worn-Out Equipment

Unfortunately, sometimes AC units fail because they are worn out or beyond their expected lifetime. HVAC equipment tends to last about 15 to 25 years with good routine maintenance. If your AC has not been maintained properly, it may have a shorter lifespan. When you’re ready to replace your AC unit, call Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating, & Air to learn about your options for a new AC unit.

Expert AC Repairs for Homes

If your AC system is not working as well as you would like, call the professionals at Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating, & Air. We can help you decide if you need a service appointment with one of our technicians or if it’s time to update your HVAC equipment near Loomis, CA. We offer installation, repairs, and maintenance for your cooling, heating, and plumbing systems.

8 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Air Conditioner

8 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Air Conditioner

Where your family’s indoor comfort is concerned, few components are as crucial as your air conditioning unit. A central air system removes excess humidity and heat from the home, purifying the air and making life more comfortable for everyone in the household. Homeowners across the country, including those in the Sacramento area, spend billions of dollars per year powering their air conditioning units.

Almost 7% of the average household’s energy usage is cooling-related, so when there’s something wrong with the AC, it can be a frustrating (and expensive) experience. Here, you’ll learn a few signs that it’s time to replace your home’s air conditioner with a newer and more reliable model.

1. Airflow Isn’t What It Should Be

If your unit isn’t putting out as much air as it should — or if it’s not blowing at all — there may be a big problem at hand. For instance, you may notice that the AC is putting out warm air. When this happens, it typically means that there’s something broken within the system, such as the compressor, the blower motor, or another important part.

Decreased airflow is another significant and worrisome issue that’s quite common among residential HVAC systems. If there’s a problem with the compressor or the ductwork, your system won’t put out enough air. Finally, if your AC is putting out foul-smelling air, seek help right away.

Strange odors often indicate serious problems, such as mold growth. Mold can affect your health and that of the entire family. Crystal Blue Plumbing Heating & Air is here to make your Sacramento home a more comfortable place to be.

2. The System Doesn’t Respond to Input From the Thermostat

In a functional air conditioning system, the unit is controlled by the thermostat. However, if this important component doesn’t work properly, you may notice that certain parts of the home are being cooled inconsistently or not at all. The unit may cycle at random intervals or fail to come on when the home’s temperature rises above the thermostat’s setting.

Any issue with the thermostat may point to bigger problems within the HVAC system, and it requires careful evaluation by trained professionals. Call us today to get to the bottom of the matter, and get your Sacramento home feeling comfortable once more.

3. You’re Making Regular Service Calls

Although we appreciate the repeat business and always recommend regular system check-ups, if you’re calling for service often, it may make sense to replace the HVAC system in its entirety. As service calls become more commonplace and repair bills rise, your air conditioning system might be approaching the end of its useful life.

Replacing your old, run-down AC system is a cost-efficient way to minimize the risk of expensive breakdowns. Sacramento’s summer days can get quite hot, and no one wants to go without ice-cold air conditioning. Call today to give your system the attention it needs.

4. The Air Conditioning Unit Makes Strange Sounds When Used

Many of Sacramento’s homeowners find it disconcerting when their air conditioners make odd noises, and for good reason. If your HVAC unit is making scraping, squealing, screeching, or grinding noises, there’s something wrong. For instance, a belt may slip or the compressor motor may have worn bearings, which will cause serious problems.

Failing to address these issues right away may cause irreversible damage to your home’s air conditioning unit. It’s crucial to determine what’s causing these odd sounds right away to prevent a complete system failure. You also don’t want the cost and discomfort that comes with it. Whether you need seasonal maintenance or emergency AC repairs, we’re the company to call.

5. There’s a Big Leak

If there are telltale leaks around the AC unit, call us right away. These leaks arise from several causes, such as ruptured refrigerant lines and excess condensation around the unit. Both issues indicate that the HVAC system isn’t working as intended and that it may need significant repairs or full replacement. If the leak is caused by escaping refrigerant, it poses a severe health risk to your family.

Leaking water is another big risk. It often leads to the growth of mold on a home’s walls, carpeting, and wood, which can cause respiratory issues in sensitive individuals. If moisture and mold have built up around the air conditioning unit, it can bring high repair bills, even after the system itself has been replaced or repaired.

6. The System Is Past Its Prime

The average central air conditioner lasts about 15 years. If the date on the installation sticker shows that it’s older than that, consider upgrading to a newer AC unit. Like other kinds of tech, air conditioners have seen numerous advances over the past few years. Today’s systems are more efficient than ever before, which means they can keep your family comfortable while conserving energy.

However, as a unit ages, the chances of a major malfunction increase. Don’t be caught without AC during the hottest part of the year. Contact the experts at Crystal Blue for a much-needed upgrade.

7. Your Utility Bills Are Rising

If your monthly power bill is increasing but usage patterns and outdoor temperatures have stayed the same, it’s another sign of problems with your HVAC system. Numerous issues can lead these systems to operate inefficiently. Ductwork leaks are a big reason for these problems, but the true cause can only be determined via a thorough assessment of the entire system. Book your no-obligation evaluation today.

8. The Home Feels Uncomfortably Warm

Air conditioners have an important purpose: they make our homes more pleasant places to live. If your AC can’t keep the home consistently cool, indoor temperatures and humidity will rise and you’ll be uncomfortable.

When you notice that your AC unit is no longer working as intended, you have typically already experienced excess humidity. Many fail to realize that their air conditioners also keep moisture under control. When indoor humidity gets too high, it encourages the growth of mildew and mold, leading to serious air quality issues. Call us today, and breathe easier tonight.

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When it’s time to repair or replace your home’s air conditioning system, you can count on our trained technicians to meet all your needs. We know just how important it is to have a functional, efficient HVAC system, and we’re focused on offering the highest level of service possible.

Our team will send an indoor comfort specialist to your home to ensure that the new unit is appropriately sized for the space. And, once we’ve chosen and installed the system, we will provide the routine maintenance needed to keep it running at peak efficiency.

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