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4 Benefits From Getting a Video Pipe Inspection

4 Benefits From Getting a Video Pipe Inspection

When your home’s plumbing is experiencing a problem, the problem is sometimes deep in your sewer pipes. However, it can be hard to identify and fix those problems without invasive measures. That’s why we offer our customers video pipe inspections, a kind of inspection that can easily examine your sewer system. The key tool in this process is a special camera on a long, flexible rod that we connect to a computer. This camera on a rod can go into your sewer system and discover any problems in there. These inspections can help us determine the best treatment for your plumbing problems.

Here are four ways a video pipe inspection can make your sewer repairs easier:


Minimize unnecessary digging

Traditional sewer repairs involve digging a large trench in your yard to reach the pipes. While it does help solve sewer problems, it also tears up your yard and garden. In extreme cases, they may also have to dig up your driveway. For a video pipe inspection, we can bypass all of that as long as we can get access to the sewer pipe’s opening. From there, we can safely snake in the camera and see inside the pipes.


Get the right fix the first time

There are many different problems your sewer line can face. Tree roots can break into the line and block the flow of water. The system can get blocked by things that aren’t meant to be flushed. Or maybe you’re just dealing with a water leak. Whatever the problem is, we can determine it by using the sewer camera. From there, we’ll be able to know the best solution for your problem.


Inexpensive and fast

The trench-digging method for sewer repair is slow and can mess up your yard. However, the speed offered by a video pipe inspection can help find your problem quickly. By quickly remedying the issues, we can prevent larger problems from arising, which would cost more money to repair. Also, the quicker work saves us money on labor, and we pass the savings onto you.


Get a reference video for insurance

Most insurance companies won’t provide insurance payouts unless you have hard evidence of your problem. Luckily, a video pipe inspection can help with that. Our inspections come with a recording of what the camera saw. This footage can help you prove to the insurance company that you’re qualified for a payout.


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