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5 Reasons to Install a Heat Pump in California

5 Reasons to Install a Heat Pump in California

A heat pump is one of many devices you can install to heat and cool your home. They function similarly to an HVAC system in that they’re capable of both heating and cooling an area with one system. However, the difference lies in how it regulates the temperature. While HVAC systems directly heat or cool the air, heat pumps move heat from warmer areas to colder areas in order to maintain a certain temperature. If you’re curious just how a heat pump install in California can help your home, the experts at Crystal Blue can tell you!

Here are five reasons you should install a heat pump in your California home:


Energy efficient

When compared to similar options like gas furnaces, heat pumps are very energy efficient. Not only is the electricity they run on cleaner, but they are also very efficient at using it to move heat. To maximize your heat pump’s efficiency, remember that they operate best when there’s little difference between the source and supply temperatures.


Long lifespans

Annual maintenance is a good way to keep your appliances working for as long as they can. With heat pumps, that lifespan can reach an impressive fifteen years.


No fuel storage needed

Most commercial heating and cooling systems use different types of physical fuel, such as oil and propane. This means you’ll always need to have fuel on hand, especially in case of an emergency. Heat pump owners don’t have to worry about how much fuel they have. Heat pumps only use electricity, and they can operate as long as they have power. In a worst-case scenario, heat pumps can be fueled by a generator.


Fewer carbon emissions

As mentioned previously, heat pumps have high energy efficiency. This means that owning one can help reduce your carbon footprint. Water source heat pumps, a variant which moves heat to/from water sources, can reduce your energy usage by 30-60%.


Heating and cooling combined

Keeping your home temperate usually requires separate units for heating and cooling or an HVAC system. However, heat pumps offer another way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


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