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Providing The Best AC Replacement in Sacramento

Providing The Best AC Replacement in Sacramento

Crystal Blue: Experts Providing The Best AC Replacement in Sacramento and the Surrounding Areas

If your AC units life coming to an end? Unfortunately for homeowners, even the best AC units won’t last forever. Yearly maintenance can help to extend the life of your unit, however, if yours is showing signs of a struggle you may need to seek an air conditioner replacement.

When that time comes, Crystal Blue has you covered. Don’t waste money on costly repairs if you know you need to invest in a new unit. If your system is showing any of these warning signs, call us today to schedule a new AC installation!

Signs You Need AC Replacement

Nobody wants to call for repairs for their air conditioner. Wouldn’t we all love to have a problem-free summer in our homes? But you can reduce the stress and the cost of the air conditioning system repairs if you notice the trouble early on. Our technicians can handle whatever size repairs you need, but the sooner you get us on the task, the smaller the repair we’ll need to do. Here are some tips for warning signs:

  • Weird noises: Anything that interrupts the pleasant hum of the AC fans and compressor is telling you something is wrong. You may have motor parts wearing down, loose components, leaking refrigerant, or general debris and dirt creating problems.
  • Ice on the evaporator coil: No, you should never see ice on any part of the air conditioner. If you notice ice on the evaporator coil, something is restricting it from absorbing heat, and it needs to be repaired soon.
  • Uneven cooling: When you notice certain rooms in your home are warmer than usual when the AC is running, don’t shrug it off as simply a nuisance. This is a warning that the air conditioner is starting to lose its cooling capacity.
  • Start–stop start–stop compressor: Is the compressor turning on multiple times an hour rather than doing a full cooling cycle? This is short–cycling and it can mean a variety of problems.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: Any time the AC trips the circuit breaker, you either have a bad electrical problem or an overheating air conditioner.

Next-Day Installation Available

There are still plenty of hot days ahead here in the Sacramento area. We offer next day installations and can even beat the prices in some cases! We offer FREE second opinions as well. Call us today to schedule your AC service. You won’t regret scheduling with Crystal Blue!