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The Benefits of Zone Control AC in California

The Benefits of Zone Control AC in California

Depending on your AC system, you can either cool parts of your house or the whole thing. However, no matter which option you choose, you have to choose a single temperature for the whole house. But what if you can choose multiple temperatures? Zone control AC allows for more efficient temperature control by heating and cooling individual different areas. Let Crystal Blue tell you about why it’s a good idea to install zone control AC in California this summer!


Here are four benefits your house can receive if it has zone control AC in California:


Energy efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of zone control AC is that you don’t have to cool the entire house. There are probably one or two rooms in your house that you don’t use very often. Because of that, you can have your AC not cool those room so you can save some energy and money. This is especially useful in two-story homes because the second floor tends to be warmer than the first. In addition, this system lowers your AC’s workload, extending its overall lifespan.


Comfortable living

You’ve probably had the arguments before. Someone in the house likes it 72°F while someone else wants it to be 68°F. With zone control AC, you don’t have to settle for a middle ground! Family members can set a room’s temperature to their comfortable temperature without affecting the entire house.


Better indoor air quality

Zoning systems, especially with ductless systems or multiple HVACs, keep their zones separate and don’t let as much air travel around your home. This can keep mold, dust, and other airborne contaminants from spreading through your home as easily. This is especially useful if someone in your home has asthma, allergies, or some other respiratory problem.


Remote control

Some zone control AC systems come with the ability to adjust the temperature remotely. This is highly convenient for if you want to have your AC not run when no one’s home. In addition, you can tell your AC to start up as you go home from work so your home will be nice and cool when you arrive.


Why choose Crystal Blue to keep my home cool?

For over 40 years, Crystal Blue has been helping homeowners around the Sacramento area with their home service issues. Our job is about customer service, and you can’t deliver the highest quality customer service unless you and your employees follow a strict code of ethics. Everyone at Crystal Blue abides by this code so we can provide the best possible service no matter what job we do. If you’re looking to install zone control AC in your California home, call up the experts at Crystal Blue!