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Getting the Most from Your AC Replacement

Getting the Most from Your AC Replacement

As the summer weather closes in, we recommend you give some serious thought to whether your current air conditioning system will be able to get through the coming heat. For an AC that’s more than 15 years old, or one that’s costing far more to run than it used to, replacing it is usually a better option than to continue throwing money into repair after repair.Getting the Most From Your AC Replacement

To get an expert opinion on AC replacement and repairs, or to schedule an air conditioning replacement in Granite Bay, CA, we’re the HVAC contractor to call. We have some helpful tips on how you can maximize an air conditioning replacement.

Upgrade the Thermostat As Well

Replacing a thermostat on an older air conditioning system is tricky. The advanced computer algorithms of the current smart Wi-Fi thermostats can actually damage an aging HVAC system and void the warranty. But putting in a new thermostat along with a replacement system is a fantastic idea. The installers can match the new AC with an advanced thermostat that lets you take the best advantage of all the energy efficiency capabilities of the new cooling system. You’ll discover that having a smart thermostat can make an enormous difference in the efficiency of the new AC, and it will make the new cooling system more convenient to use.

Consider Zone Controls

Zone controls allow you to choose which rooms connected to the ventilation system receive cool air from the AC (as well as warm air from the heater in winter). Retrofitting an existing air conditioner with zone cooling is difficult. But if the zone control installation is done as part of a system replacement, it’s a much easier job. The technicians can put in a variable-speed, multi-stage air conditioner that works with zoning so you can enjoy the best savings possible from your HVAC system.

Install a Whole-House Fan

Here’s an excellent addition to a new air conditioner. A whole-house fan draws air up through the house and exhausts it out of the attic. This not only expels hot air, it also draws in cooler air from outside to help lower the temperature. Whole-house fans are especially useful in the evening and let you give the air conditioner a rest—and the whole-house fan uses much less power to run. We recommend the QuietCool whole-house fan, although we work with all brands.

Fix Those Bad Ducts

An air conditioning system can only be as good as the ventilation ducts connected to it. If those ducts are filled with holes and gaps, it will severely cut down on how effective the AC is—and it will raise cooling costs by a third. If you install a high-efficiency air conditioner but have ductwork in poor shape, all the potential savings of your new system will vanish. Our team is experienced with duct repair services, and they can help ensure you have a ventilation system that’s worthy of your new replacement air conditioner.

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