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Meet The Family

Tim S

Director of Smiles

Experience: 25 years of Plumbing & Contractor Experience

About Tim: I’m not in the military, I’m not a politician but as a plumber, I protect your world. Your world smells without me.

Known for: Long drives but who knows where they go!

Recommended: Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Tip: Regular Maintenance with your water heater and HVAC system will keep me away.

Angelia S, Office Manager

Official Sunshine Deputy

Experience: 18 years of office daycare

About Angelia: Currently working towards my MBA with an emphasis on loving English bulldogs

Known for: Alaskan Girl who hates temps over 90 and below 70, it just needs to be 80 all year round.

Recommended: Delta Vero Shower with body sprayers = 30 min showers

Tip: Clean your faucet aerator to keep good pressure

Glenna B, Customer Service Representative

FIO – First Impression Officer

Experience: Like birthdays- I stopped counting at 29

About Glenna: You’ll find that life is always worthwhile, if you just smile

Known for: Thinking positive- my pipes are always half empty

Recommended: Toto Washlet- Having heated toilet seats

Tip: Don’t put eggs shells down the garbage disposal even though its garbage

Larry V

Clog Exterminating Ninja

Experience: 12+ years

About Larry: I race through the Mushroom Kingdom, to survive Bowser’s wrath, and save Princess Toadstool. Yep some people call me Super Mario!

Known for: Total Hipster- easy going and helpful

Recommended: Bradford White Water Heaters

Tip: If there is no water dripping echo in your sink drain that means it has too much hair in it.

Thomas Paul D

Water Heater Whisperer

Experience: 10+ years of plumbing and construction

About Thomas: You want to see my facebook, twitter or Instagram- my kids can help you with that

Known for: The Hoarding Plumber- The plumber with all the parts at the end, WINS!

Recommended: Preferred product- finished products

Tip: Be Professional but have fun doing it- Lets Do This

Michael E II

Head HVAC BBQoligist Wizard

Experience: 12 years HVAC experience

About Michael: Well done steak is totally Burnt! Bloody & Still Moving is perfect

Known for: Working as it was being done for my own family

Recommended: It’s not the product it’s how it’s installed

Tip: Change HVAC filters every 2 months or when dirty

Ever D

Home Comfort Jedi

Experience: 8 years HVAC experience

About Ever: My life is round, soccer is life!

Known for: Being the best soccer player & chef @ Crystal Blue

Recommended: Anything that’s a steak

Tip: Having fun and enjoying everything makes life even better

Sean D

Lead Sewer Relocation Engineer

Experience: 24 years of Plumbing experience

About Sean: When I die, my final words will be: “I left 1 million dollars buried in your yard!”

Known for: Known as Doctor Solutions specializing in Plumbing & Drains

Recommended: Preferred Product: Navien, Toto & Cast Iron Drains

Tip: Aways get 3 estimates from contractors & Don’t worry about watching your plumber, we like it!

Ken H. V

Jedi Master of Comfort

Experience: 10+ Years of HVAC Experience

Ken’s Instagram Saying: “You Live Only Once, Make Everyday Count.”

Known for: Being a positive, friendly, open-minded individual and always going the extra mile to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Recommended Product: American Standard variable speed HVAC system

Best Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Scott P

Keeper of Cool

Experience: 15+ years of HVAC experience.

Scott’s Instagram Saying: “The weather outside is, weather.”

Known for: Working hard and playing harder.

Recommended Product: Products that work like they are suppose to.

Best Tip: Wash or change your filters every 3 months, service your equipment regularly.

Justin B.

Militant HVAC Engineer or The Dude!

Experience: 7+ years HVAC experience

Justin’s Instagram Saying: “It wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it.”

Known for: My work ethic.

Recommended Product: Quiet Cool Whole House Fans- Ask me about them!

Best Tip: Do it right the first time.

Chanse J.

Mr. PPC- Personal Plumbing Conceirge

Experience: Years of Plumbing Experience

Chanse’s Instagram Saying: “Wealth is measured in time, not just money.”

Known for: Being a husband first to an amazing wife and father to two incredible children.

Recommended Product: Bradford White Water Heaters and TOTO Toilets.

Best Tip: A good flush beats a full house.

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