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When Repairs Aren’t Enough: AC Replacement

When Repairs Aren’t Enough: AC Replacement

Warm weather is here, hotter weather is on the way. If your home’s air conditioning system needs help to get it through the coming summer, right now is one of the last convenient times to arrange for it before the temperatures spike. Make sure your AC has gotten its regular maintenance as well as any necessary repairs to ensure it works its best.

But what if repairs are no longer the answer? At some point, any cooling system will cost far more to continue to patch-up than it’s worth. This year may be when you stop sinking money into an over the hill AC and have it replaced with a new one. Call on our service professionals to find out more about a new air conditioning installation in Sacramento, CA. We can help you make the right choice when it comes to the great “repair vs. replace” debate.

Signs You Need AC Replacement

The quickest route to finding out if it’s time for a new air conditioner is to call on HVAC professionals you can trust. But there are some indications that will give you the heads-up that a replacement is probably in your near future.

  • System Age: The standard central air conditioning system can last between 10 to 15 years with annual maintenance, and 5 to 8 years without it. If you have a system that’s over 15 years old, then we strongly recommend having it replaced—even if it still seems to be working fine. Once over the 15-year mark, an AC is in greater danger of failing and will start losing efficiency.
  • High Cost to Run: Look over the bills for the past couple of summers. If your electrical bills are rising and rising, even though you haven’t used the AC more than usual, it means the system is declining. If you’ve kept up with maintenance, this decline usually means the AC is simply too old to remain efficient.
  • Too Many Repairs/Too Expensive Repairs: Calling for HVAC professionals to repair an air conditioner more than once a year is too much. We advise capping repairs for the year at $500. Paying more than this isn’t worth it. Don’t pay more than half the cost of replacing the system on any single repair either.
  • AC Can’t Keep Up Like It Used To: Are hot spots around the house becoming a regular problem in summer? This is one of the first warning signs that an air conditioner is losing its cooling capacity. If you’ve already had repairs and maintenance attempting to fix this problem, but if it keeps coming back, it’s time to put in a new system.

Emergency Plumbers in Sacramento, CA. Crystal BlueFinally, you may wish to replace your air conditioner because you want to take advantage of newer systems with higher efficiency features like a variable speed fan and multi-stage compressor. These new units have incredibly high energy efficiency ratings and can start saving you money as soon as they’re installed.

Crystal Blue offers the best service in the area! We are also your areas only local Trane dealer. Call us today to schedule your AC replacement!