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4 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in California

4 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in California

Broken sewer pipes are always a problem, but it can get even worse if you’re a big fan of your garden. Most methods to treat your sewer line involves digging a large trench through your yard so your sewer pipes can be accessed. However, there’s a way to fix your sewer pipes with minimal damage to your garden. Trenchless sewer repair allows us to bypass most of the digging and fix your pipes with minimum damage. Learn how Crystal Blue Plumbing can help your home by providing trenchless sewer repair for your California home.

Here are four benefits of getting a trenchless sewer repair for your California home instead of a conventional sewer repair:


Less expensive

Trenchless sewer repair work is quicker and requires less work compared to normal sewer repairs. This means trenchless sewer repair costs us less in labor, and we pass the savings onto you. Also, the lessened damage to your yard means post-work yard repair costs will be lower.


Save your landscape

As the name suggests, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t require a large trench to be dug on your property. To reach your pipes with conventional work, we’d have to dig a big trench to find your sewer pipes and the problem area. Not only would this be very messy, but it’d also damage your lawn and garden. In the worst cases, we’d have to break through harder parts of your property, such as walkways or your driveway. With a trenchless sewer repair, digging is kept to a minimum and we greatly decrease the potential damage to your property.


Quick and convenient

Being able to quickly fix your pipes isn’t just a benefit for our company. When you get a regular sewer repair job, you’ll experience days of having a big trench in your yard as the workers do their work. Instead, you’ll see our workers fix or replace your pipes in a matter of hours!


Capable of repairing and replacing

It doesn’t matter how damaged your sewer pipes are. Trenchless sewer repair is capable of handling repair and replacement jobs. To fix leaky pipes, we slide in a pipe liner through the end of the pipeline to cover up the leak. For broken pipes, we pull a pipe-bursting head through the pipe as it trails new piping in behind it. This means we can replace an entire sewer line with barely any digging!


Why call Crystal Blue Plumbing to fix my sewer pipes?

Not every plumbing contractor offers trenchless sewer pipe lining and trenchless sewer line pipe replacement. The equipment is costly and requires special training to use. But we focus on delivering the best service to all our customers, and we’ve made trenchless technology a cornerstone of our plumbing work.

We started in business in Sacramento, CA more than 40 years ago, and we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a respected plumbing contractor with a reputation for integrity and reliability. All our employees abide by a strict code of ethics to ensure you have complete customer satisfaction. At Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air we’ll go above and beyond to make you a customer for life. Call us today to schedule your sewer repair!