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7 Signs You Should Call for Toilet Repair in California

7 Signs You Should Call for Toilet Repair in California

Toilets are probably one of the most used bits of plumbing in your home. They’re very important to living a sanitary and comfortable modern life. However, since they’re used so often, they’re likely to break down from frequent use. Depending on your handyman skills, you might be able to fix minor problems. However, you’ll still want to know when it’s time to call a professional. Let Crystal Blue give you some advice on when you should call for toilet repair for your California home.

Here are seven signs you should call us to help you with toilet repair in you California home:


Frequent clogging

As long as you aren’t flushing anything you shouldn’t, your toilet shouldn’t clog very often. However, if your toilet is clogging up more than once per week, you might have a problem. One of the likely causes is that there’s a partial blockage somewhere in the pipes. Alternatively, the parts in your toilet used for flushing might be getting worn out. Either way, you should call one of our professionals to take a look and fix the problem.


Constant running

A toilet that’s constantly running often prompts people to try jiggling the handle. Doing this moves the flapper valve and sometimes gets it to close correctly. If this keeps happening, you may have to get a new flapper handle or even a new toilet altogether.


Weak or no flushing

When your toilet is having difficulty flushing or isn’t flushing at all, that means your toilet needs new parts. You’ll want to call an expert to help you determine what parts you need and to install them. At Crystal Blue, we come fully stocked and have the knowledge to install them.


Rust and corrosion

A rusty, corroded toilet is one that needs replacing. Sometimes, you can get away with swapping out a rust-covered part for a new one. Other times, you’ll have to replace the whole thing. Hard water is a common culprit when it comes to rust and corrosion, so getting a water softener can help you preserve your toilet and other plumbing.


Standing water around the base

Standing water in strange locations often signifies a leak. When you see standing water around the leak, it’s usually a problem with the seal. You’ll want to replace the seal quickly so you avoid water damage and increased water bills from the leaking water.


Cracked porcelain

When you’re cleaning your toilet, keep an eye out for cracks in the porcelain, especially in the tank or bowl. This can be another source of leaking water. Always check your toilet after it gets hit by anything or if anything heavy or solid lands on it.


No refills

If your toilet’s tank or bowl won’t refill, there’s one thing to blame: the fill valve. You’ll most likely have to locate it and replace it with a new one. However, if you don’t have the experience, this is a job best left to a professional plumber.


What makes Crystal Blue my best choice for plumbing repairs?

Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air is a licensed and insured plumbing contractor who has served Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas since 1976. Our plumbers are reliable, friendly, and their #1 goal is to see you receive the best customer service, no matter the size or type of job. We stand behind our products and our work, and we want you to feel you can trust us with your bathroom plumbing. Whether it’s a toilet repair to stop it from running or a new faucet installation—or even extensive repiping—we’re the people who’ll get the work done and deliver you peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!