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New California Rules in Place Affect Homeowners in the Greater Sacramento Area

New California Rules in Place Affect Homeowners in the Greater Sacramento Area

Starting this year, new California rules in place will require that homes on the market will need to undergo sewer pipeline inspections prior to sale. This is being done in an effort to address spills, as well as prevent future problems with pipelines throughout the state. Homeowners who don’t comply with the revised rule could face fines.

The PSL program, or the Private Sewer Later Regulatory Inspection Program, will go into effect on July first of this year. This will require all properties within Castro Valley Sanitary District to have a private sewer lateral compliance certificate when they are purchased or placed on the market. If your property has been built within the last 30 years or it has had at least half of its private sewer lateral replaced in the last decade, you will receive your compliance certificate without any further work needing to be done. This ordinance is already in effect throughout much of California and seems to be gaining momentum.

The main component of this is a video sewer inspection. If you’re not familiar with what a video sewer inspection is or how it works, here’s some information to look over.

Benefits of a Video Inspection in Sacramento, CA

Some damages are impossible to detect without a video inspection, usually because they’re hidden somewhere deep in the main sewer line. Your home’s plumbing is complicated, and so is your main sewer line. A video inspection, however, keeps things simple! Not only detects deeper problems, it helps your plumbing overall, and here’s how.

  • One of the most important benefits of a video inspection is its accuracy. It allows Crystal Blue Experts to locate the exact location and cause of the problem. Imagine how much easier it is to detect plumbing problems with a live look into your sewer system?
  • Early detection. During a video inspection, it’s common for the service tech to find smaller problems or areas of wear and tear along the way. This early detection helps to prevent major malfunctions down the road.
  • A video inspection spares you the trouble of breaking through your home’s walls or digging underground to access the main sewer line. The earlier you catch a plumbing problem, the better. Costly problems such as a busted pipe that can flood your home or a damaged sewer line can be prevented with a video inspection.
  • It’s safe. Cutting into your walls and floors or digging into your main sewer line can be dangerous. Using a video inspection is completely non-invasive and prevents can incidents that can happen while accessing your Sacramento plumbing.

Common Problems that a Video Inspection Can Help

In the past, plumbing problems would typically require a plumber to have access to the area of concern. Most of your plumbing is located behind walls or buried underground, so getting to them could be both destructive and costly. Luckily, a video inspection can help identify and repair the following plumbing problems:

  • Tree roots
  • Old, damaged pipes.
  • Severe clogs.
  • Cracked or misaligned pipes.

Signs You Need a Sewer Video Inspection

A majority of your sewer system is located underground. Since it runs under the foundation of your home and is out of sight, how can you tell whether it needs repairs? Look for the following five signs:

  1. An unpleasant odor
  2. Slow draining or backups
  3. Pooling water in your yard
  4. Bugs and critters
  5. Patches of lush greenery

Whether you are experiencing sewer issues or you are planning to sell your home in the near future, we can help. For local, trusted video inspection services, call Crystal Blue