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Summer Is Here, So Is It Too Late to Get a New Air Conditioning System?

Summer Is Here, So Is It Too Late to Get a New Air Conditioning System?

No, it’s not. Call us and we’ll get you a great new AC.

That’s the short version of this post—but taking care of an AC replacement in Sacramento, CA really is that straightforward when you work with us. We’ve been in business since 1976 and know the best way to provide central cooling for homes. We do customer service the old way, and it’s our goal to see that you’re fully satisfied with your air conditioning system and enjoy a great rest of the summer and many summers to come.

But Let’s Look a Little Closer at Your Current AC Needs

Choosing to have an air conditioning installation is a big decision, and even with the help of skilled professionals, it’s a major job. (Without skilled professionals it’s impossible, so put away those DIY ideas or going to an amateur.) If you’re thinking about having a replacement AC, consider the reasons you’re looking to make this change:

  • The current AC isn’t working well: If it’s hot outside and your air conditioner can’t handle the temperatures, then it’s never the wrong time for a new air conditioner. But first make sure that the trouble isn’t something that repairs can fix. Call HVAC technicians and they can tell if it’s worth repairing the system or if the more cost-effective solution is to put in a new one.
  • The AC is draining too much energy: How much do you pay each month in electrical costs? You can expect the amount to rise in summer because of the power needed for the air conditioner. But the rise shouldn’t be significantly steeper than in previous summers. If you’re facing higher cooling costs than before—even though the AC is well-maintained—you may need to retire the air conditioner.
  • The 5000 rule: When your AC malfunctions and you want to know if it should be repaired or replaced, apply this rule. Multiply the cost of the repair by how many years you’ve had the system. If the number is 5000 or greater, it’s better to have a new system. So any repair that costs $500 isn’t worth it for a system that’s 10 years older or more.
  • The 15-year rule: Even if a repair passes the 5000 rule, an air conditioning system that’s 15 years older or more is due for a replacement. This is the point when any decline in performance indicates the time for an upgrade. The new system will have greater energy efficiency than the older one did even when it was new.

There is no season for air conditioning replacement. If the above guide tells you that it’s best to have a new cooling system installed, don’t hesitate. That last thing you want to happen during the remaining months of summer here in California is to have your AC give out on you for the last time. It’s best to schedule the replacement on your time, not the time the AC decides.

Get started with a new AC by calling Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air: “Customer Service the Way It Used to Be! Customer Service You Deserve!”